Rectangular Shaped Pools

The most classic of pool styles is the elegant, rectangular pool. A simple look that is very traditional, rectangular pools can actually be very different from each other, yet all have the same general characteristics.

If you’re a lap swimmer, a rectangular pool would be your best choice. The coping along the side of the pool can meet up right to a deck, offering a seamless transition from the seating area into the pool.

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Hamptons Style Pool

A “Hamptons-style pool”, is a very classic look whereas the lawn meets up with the coping of the pool. There typically is no concrete deck around the pool, but instead, traditional sandstone, or other natural stonework that may lead up to a partial side of the pool, but the focus is the lush green grass – thus giving it a very classic, elegant look.

An automatic cover can be customized to a rectangular pool very easily as well. This is a must for areas where there are a lot of trees or wildlife. It keeps the pool water cleaner and warmer in the cooler climates.

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