Water Features

Enhance the look of your pool with one of many types of cool water features. There are many different types that we can create to give your pool the ultimate look of elegance.

  • Fountains: There are several design styles of fountains.
  • Waterfalls: These are built using either real boulders or faux rocks to give your outdoor area a natural look of water.
  • Water Wall: A horizontal spill that pours out of a wall on any side of the pool.
  • Bubblers: These are small jets in the floor of a shallow area of the pool that shoots water up.
  • Deck Jets: These are built into the deck next to the pool that shoot a stream of water into the pool. They can even be illuminated with lights for a fun nighttime effect.
  • Statues: These are typically animals such as a dolphin or fish, that shoots a stream of water from the statue into pool.

There are many more – but this give you an idea of the various cool water features Artistic Swimming Pools can design.

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